We provide meaningful insight into the complex and vast policies of the Federal Bureau of Prisons to attorneys, defendants, media, litigation firms and researchers.

Expert Testimony

Prisonology provides in-court testimony, research and declarations for court submission on a wide range of Federal Bureau of Prison issues.


We provide Continuing Legal Education for attorneys across the country as well as and training classes for U.S. Probation and federal judges.



Our staff consists of professionals who know the policies because they helped write the policies.  The BOP and US Probation have extensive policies and procedures and our team knows how to navigate them to help clients achieve better outcomes.


We realize that there is a lot riding on the decisions that defendants and their legal teams make.  We provide strategic insights so that clients make better decisions during a time of crisis.  With compassion and understanding, we describe the road ahead and how to best navigate it.  Our insights come from policy makers, those who have been through a term of incarceration and those who know the inner-workings of large government organizations.


Network and Contacts

We understand government organizations and where to go to get the answers you need.  Our staff is constantly attending conferences and networking with decision makers who hold positions both inside and outside of government.  Our reach is without parallel in this area of consulting and expert analysis.  We also have a network of people who are currently incarcerated who provide a constant flow of information about institutions across the country.

Next Steps...

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