Specializing in Bureau of Prisons Policy


As a case progresses toward conclusion, attorneys are viewed as trusted advisors to clients. Attorneys need to have a recommendation and solution when it comes to federal prison: preparation, programming, and designations. For most defendants, whether white-collar or not, federal prison incarceration is a traumatic event.

We specialize in working with defendants facing prison, but also have the unique approach of interacting with the attorney when appropriate. Often interaction with the Bureau of Prisons is best done by the attorney with the assistance of Prisonology experts. Whom to speak with, talking points, and citation of policy can all help solve issues facing defendants who are going to prison.

Beyond our working relationship with attorneys, our services allow attorneys to offer a solution to defendants, an added service. We are a trusted advisor to defendants and can often use the assistance of counsel when solving various BOP issues.

Our Services


  • Review of Presentence Report
  • Security Classification / Designation
  • Judicial Recommendation
  • Mitigation based on BOP issues facing a defendant
  • Preparation for prison (individual consultation)
  • Policy Guidance and sentence computation
  • First Step Act Assessment
  • Good Conduct Credit
  • Second Chance Act
  • Elderly Offender Pilot Program
  • Program Eligibility

Support While Incarcerated

  • Interpretation of Policy
  • Discipline
  • First Step Act
  • Halfway House
  • RDAP
  • Administrative Remedy Process
  • Documentation Research
  • Prisoner Rights

Expert Testimony

Some cases require in-depth knowledge of BOP policy when it comes to prisoner rights or even defending someone associated with the BOP (contract, employee, etc.). Prisonology is a policy expert source used in criminal defense cases as well as civil litigation where knowledge of the BOP is paramount. Our experts have worked on:

  • Prisoner treatment cases
  • Use of force
  • Gang-related assaults
  • Support of BOP personnel in criminal matters

Prisonology is an asset in cases where defendants are involved in any felony matter. We are experts on BOP policies related to:

  • the treatment of prisoners
  • health care of prisoners
  • issues facing certain vulnerable prisoners and program eligibility

Prisonology experts provide declarations as supplements to motions in federal courts. Our experts are recognized in federal courts across the United States and in international jurisdictions related to extradition to the United States.

We are experts on BOP policies and the detailed documentation the agency keeps. We provide declarations for persons seeking re-sentencing as a result of a new law or compassionate release through an evaluation of BOP records (education, programming, work, security classification, PATTERN score). These declarations are used extensively in cases after the District of Columbia passed the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act (IRAA) in 2016. Prisonology experts review BOP records and provide a declaration that includes how the prisoner will successfully transition back into society.

The BOP is also under a tremendous amount of pressure to correct decades of problems. The challenges faced by the BOP affect all prisoners, and Prisonology experts can provide context to the Court on those issues facing the agency. Information on corruption, staff shortages, medical care, and poor management within the BOP is worth presenting to the Court when a term of incarceration is in the balance.

Training (CLE)

Prisonology provides Continuing Legal Education classes for law firms and public defenders. Our classes range from 60 minutes to half-day seminars on Bureau of Prisons issues. We can customize packages based on unique topics that the audience would like to see presented.

We are available via Zoom/video conferencing and in person. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your training class. Our pricing is based on the audience, federal defenders (discounted rate), and the topic. Our specialists are former retired BOP personnel (e.g. retired wardens, RDAP coordinators, and retired healthcare directors).

Our topics include:
• Navigating BOP Policies
• Presentence Report Review
• First Step Act

Programs for Special Situations
• Drug and Alcohol Addiction
• Young Offender
• Mental Health
• Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together (MINT)