We provide support to defendants, their families and legal teams on Federal Bureau of Prisons Policies.  We have the answers to your questions …

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Expert Testimony

Our experts provide in-Court testimony, declarations and detailed research reports on all aspects of the Federal Bureau of Prisons …

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We provide approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) across the country on the Federal Bureau of Prisons …

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Professionals Who Make A Difference

We ask one question in approaching each case, “How can we apply our years of talent and experience to assist defendants and their families achieve the best outcome from a term of incarceration?”

Our structure is easy to understand.  If times like this, we provide Podasts inputs into through social media, make appearances on national news and write narratives in nationally publicized magazines, such as Forbes.  We get messages out there about the work we do and where we make appearances.

We speak, talk and debate on federal prison issues every day to help evereyone.

Our fees are simple, $1,500 get you our undivided attention and a report on the best approach for you.  Once you have the report, that may answer your question and additional services can be added until you complete the program that makes you comfortalbe.

You have to answer one equation when it comes to engaging Prisonology, “Will these people help me when it counts?  If you have that level of confidence, you deserve our level of service.

We work with attorneys, defendants and defendant families on the complex issues faced once a term of incarceration is a possibility.  Our pragmatic approach leads to key strategies for a federal sentencing hearing and beyond.  Also, we provide this free on-line resource, Prisonology X that is the most comprehensive information available on the Internet for understanding the BOP.

NOTE on COVID-19: The Attorney General and Congress have enacted changes meant to release inmates who are elderly or who have underlying conditions that make them susceptible to poor outcomes if they catch COVID-19.  The first action anyone should take place a CopOut to the Warden.  Call us, we know what to do.

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