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Strategic insights & consulting for defendants and legal teams based on Federal Bureau of Prisons policies


Expertise & Consulting On The Federal Bureau Of Prisons For Lawyers, Defendants, and Legal Professionals

Since 2016, Prisonology has offered expert, in-court testimony on a wide variety of complex criminal litigation. Our experts not only testify but provide strategy to navigate Federal Bureau of Prisons policies. Working with defendants, their families and their legal teams, we give our clients confidence to make decisions based on facts while representing their interests to the various legal professionals involved in criminal proceedings.

What Sets Us Apart

Our experts have worked on high-profile, complex criminal and civil litigation cases that require strategic thinking. Based on years of policy and work experience, Prisonology professionals work with attorneys and or clients to help clarify Bureau of Prison policies. With clarity and compassion, we bring solutions to those facing a possible term of incarceration. Our approach puts the insights of our professionals in federal district courts for testimony and affidavits.


What We Offer

Prisonology focuses on three key areas; Consulting, Expert Testimony and Training. By utilizing our network of Prisonology experts and their various contacts throughout the criminal justice system, we bring the latest policy interpretation to legal teams and their clients.



We provide support to legal teams through developing strategies based on our knowledge of BOP policies to develop better outcomes for defendants. Our network of experts has both the experience and continued insights to provide context to issues associated with incarceration, restitution, and probation in the federal system.


Expert Testimony

Prisonology’s dynamic services include providing in-court testimony and written affidavits that contextualize an individual’s case as it relates to BOP policies. This includes health care needs, security assessments, program needs and institutional adjustment. Our team of experts reviews presentence reports and prepare detailed case analysis to achieve better outcomes at sentencing. We also work a variety of resentencing and in-prison services to help those currently incarcerated.


Training Sessions

We provide Continued Legal Education (CLE) on Bureau of Prisons policies to federal judges leading law firms, Federal Defenders, and US Probation Officers across the country through our customized training sessions. Our expert trainers are always prepared to answer questions related to BOP policies and provide contextual strategies to help defendants facing a federal prison term.



Prisonology provides a library of research papers on the Federal Bureau of Prisons issues. These are available for purchase on our website. We also provide customized reports for law firms and defendants upon request.

Get in Touch With Us

We aim to use our vast legal expertise to help defendants and their families achieve the best judicial outcome from a situation of incarceration. Feel free to contact us at your convenience, and we will answer all your questions. You can visit us at our office locations in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, and Miami. Drop an email or give us a call.