Empathetic Federal Prison Consultant

Facing a term in federal prison is never easy, and it is important to work with experienced individuals who can help you navigate the Bureau of Prisons. Having a trusted federal prison consultant to advocate for you and prepare you for this experience is key.

Our team of retired BOP professionals will be able to assist you during all the phases of your incarceration by providing information and answering all your questions.  

Our dedicated team at Prisonology will help you manage your expectations of prison by providing information that can be relied upon to make key decisions. We prepare clients and maintain that relationship through the prison experience.

Navigate the Federal Prison World With Our Reliable Federal Prison Consulting Firm

Prisonology was founded by Walt Pavlo with the purpose of providing individuals with comprehensive services when they face a federal prison term. Walt is a tireless advocate and a contributor to Forbes.com where he writes about BOP policies and uses his expansive network of professionals to support every Prisonology client.

When it comes to being housed in a federal prison, there are many questions that need to be answered. We appreciate that every individual and situation is unique.  

Our experienced team of consultants understands how the Bureau of Prisons operates by interpreting the policies that are currently in place. With our approach to these complex matters, you and your family will feel confident that you have the right team to get you through this trying time.

Please know that we have handled many complex situations, and we are confident that we can help you with this one. Whether you are approaching a sentence or have just been sentenced, connect with us and we can show you the difference we can make.

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