Co-founders Jack Donson and Walt Pavlo
Co-founders Jack Donson and Walt Pavlo

Our Approach

We utilize former government professionals with extensive experience in the vast array of prison issues relative to case management, correctional programs and services, complex sentence computations, reentry and supervised release. Our experience, training and contacts throughout the government give our clients an advantage in the courtroom.

Our Story

Shortly after Jack Donson retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he reached out to Forbes Contributor and speaker Walt Pavlo.  Together they have created one of the most powerful and influential consulting firms on BOP and US Probations policy.  Our clients are defendants in high profile cases as well as those facing long prison terms who are represented by hard working Federal Defenders.

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Meet the Team

We continue to build on our team of professionals who bring years of experience working in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Probation.

Jack Donson

Co-Founder & VP Operations

Donson is a nationally recognized expert on Federal Bureau of Prisons policy and has testified throughout the country on Federal prison issues.

Pete Dedes

Complex Sentence Computations

Dedes is an expert on sentence computations, correctional systems  and the BOP Designation and Sentence Computation Center.

Walt Pavlo

Co-Founder & Board Member

Pavlo is an author and speaker on matters related to federal criminal law and white collar crime.

Next Steps...

We pride ourselves in our honest and practical approach to the myriad of issues people face before a term of incarceration. We do not use scare tactics or take advantage of people who are unfamiliar with the justice system. We can guarantee you our case analysis, research and strategies are proven and unique. After one call to any of our specialists will demonstrate just how different we are. We have your back!