We provide training sessions on Bureau of Prisons policies to federal judges, private attorneys, Federal Defenders and US Probation Officers.  These sessions range in topics are can be customized from 60 minutes to half-days.  Our Topics include:

  • Understanding the Bureau of Prisons
    • Assessing Security Classification
    • Designation and Facility Placement
    • Programs
    • Navigating the Designation and Sentence Computation Center
  • Complex Sentence Calculations
  • Judicial Recommendations

Our staff presents across the country.  We can provide custom programs for your group or we can discuss the existing programs that we have used in the past.

The best part of our training sessions are the questions that our participants ask.  Our trainers are prepared to answer questions on specific cases and situations.  We share as much information as we can so that everyone gains from the experience.

Below is our list of presenters.

Jack Donson is the co-founder of Prisonology.  Jack (CV Attached) retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) after a 23 year career, during which he received national recognition in various case management capacities. Prior to his position at the BOP, he was a probation and parole officer in Pennsylvania at both the county and state levels. He currently serves as a Director for FedCURE, a national non-profit advocacy group for prison reform. He also founded and operates a prison consulting firm in New York City. He is on the Corrections Committee for both the American Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. He co-developed Prisonology, an on-line educational tool for attorneys to help them prepare their clients for prison.

Pete Dedes retired from the Bureau of Prisons in August 2017 after 30 years of meritorious service.  As part of his duties, he acted as Inmate Systems Manager until the position changed to Supervisory Correctional Systems Specialist due to the BOP mission change of sentence computations being moved to the Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC), Grand Prairie, TX.

Pete has extensive training in all sentencing matters, including Complex Sentences (Concurrent/Consecutive), Old-Law, SRA, VCCLEA, PLRA, D.C. Sentences, Military sentences, and jail credit issues.  He received Legal Technician Training, Sentence Computation Training, Advanced Sentence Computation Training, Inmate Systems Supervisor’s Training, Inmate Systems Manager’s Training and NCIC Instructor.

Walt Pavlo is the co-founder of Prisonology.  Walt is a contributor to Forbes and NYU Law’s Corporate Program on Compliance and Enforcement.  He is a nationally recognized speaker on white collar crime and federal criminal justice matters.  He usually serves as moderator to the presentations.