Pete Dedes – Sentence Computations And Designations

Pete has a broad range of experience in Bureau of Prisons policies and procedures and is an expert in the area of Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC), Grand Prairie, TX.  After retiring with over 30 years in the BOP, Prisonology clients look to Pete to review sentence computations for accuracy, including assurance of time-served.

Pete career was one of professional accomplishment and compassion towards those under his care.  He also has gained a lot of experience and training in all sentencing matters including Complex Sentences (Concurrent/Consecutive), Old-Law, SRA, VCCLEA, PLRA, D.C. Sentences, Military sentences, and jail credit issues.  He received Legal Technician Training, Sentence Computation Training, Advanced Sentence Computation Training, Inmate Systems Supervisor’s Training, Inmate Systems Manager’s Training and NCIC Instructor.  Pete also received specialized jail credit training from BOP Regional Counsel, which addressed jail credit issues and primary jurisdiction due to the implementation of the Sentence Reform Act.  In short, he knows as much as anyone about sentence calculations.

Pete received numerous awards throughout his career including Supervisor of the Year, Supervisor of the Quarter (numerous times, to include his last three months), and Special Act awards.  Pete was selected numerous times by the Program Review Division, Central Office, to be part of the review teams to review Correctional Institutions for compliance.  In 2013, he was selected to be part of the team at the Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC).  Pete was designated by Program Review to be the “Sentence Computation Expert” having the final decision on sentence computation accuracy for the team.

When it comes to a detailed understanding of sentences, designation and jail credit, Pete is the guy we trust to make sure our clients are protected.