If you are a member of the media and want a source or information on the Federal Bureau of Prisons and incarceration, please contact us at, or call us at 617-858-5008, and we will provide an expert.  Our people have been involved in documentaries, television hits and newspaper quotes.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Matters associated with a stay in federal prison
  • BOP policies on media access
  • Living conditions inside federal prison
    • Lifestyle
    • Healthcare
    • Security
    • Halfway House
    • Security

Our professionals have been contributors to documentaries and had a role in documentary production.  We are often quoted in major media outlets and our opinions are trusted by journalists and news commentators.

Following are a few our works:

Prisonology - When Jack Donson and Walt Pavlo sat down to create Prisonology, we knew that we were in this for the people.  We created a brand that stood for integrity and professionalism ... and put together a film to allow you to see behind the scenes of how we created the company.

CNBC -We first appeared on CNBC when they were producing the documentary "White Collar Lockup: Life On The Inside" which was about white collar inmates.  They not only asked us to contribute, our own Jack Donson helped the production crew navigate Bureau Of Prison policies to get film crews into prison.  Walt Pavlo then helped CNBC secure interviews with select people who were incarcerated for rare interviews from inside of a federal prison.

Forbes - As a contributor to Forbes, Walt Pavlo reached out to Jack Donson who had recently retired from the Bureau of Prisons.  Jack, as always on top of his game, gave insights to Forbes readers into how the BOP could improve its mission.

Center for Public Integrity - When the Center for Public Integrity did an investigation into how companies profit on the backs of those who are incarcerated, Jack Donson provided his invaluable perspectives.

The Marshall Project - Prisonology maintains a close relationship with The Marshall Project, a non-profit news source about the U.S. Criminal Justice System.  When TMP needs expert insights into complex issues facing our nation on incarceration, they reach out to professionals like our own Jack Donson who commented on the new direction of the BOP under a former Army General (Mark S. Inch).