Jack Donson – Co-Founder and VP Operations

Jack retired from the Bureau of Prisons as a case manager after 23 years of meritorious service.  You will not find a more knowledgable or caring person to be in your corner during the crisis of facing a term in federal prison.

Jack has personally seen many individuals end up in difficult situations as a result of bad advice which could have been avoided.   His experience, observations, and analysis working in the trenches of the federal prison system have provided him with the knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled services.

Jack has testified on Capitol Hill on the Colson Commission on Federal Corrections and was a panelist in a Families Against Mandatory Minimums conference on Compassionate Release.  He is on the Corrections Committed for both the American Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Jack regularly attends conferences on the US Sentencing Commission topics and enjoys a large network of contacts throughout the criminal justice system.

As part of the Prisonology team, Jack has testified in federal districts across the country and is recognized as an expert on Bureau of Prisons policies.  He conducts training seminars on BOP Policies to federal judges, US Probation Officers, Federal Defenders and private attorneys.

When Jack is not working at Prisonology, he is an adjunct professor at Marywood University where he teaches courses in Community Corrections.

Jack is the editor for our Blog and the main contributor to our video segments where he consistently provides information that our clients need to know.