Each client is different and we offer a wide range of consulting services that can be customized for a specific goal or an overall solution.  We try our best to work within a client's budget and provide a statement of work that accurately reflects expectations.  You can be assured that our experts, with extensive professional experience, will work your case.

While we get involved with clients at various stages of the criminal justice process, our best entry point is at the plea negotiation stage.  Our staff reviews plea agreements, prepares defendants for Presentence interviews and reviews the Presentence report to help develop strategies for sentencing.  We also provide experts to provide Declarations with expert opinions on a wide range of matters relating to Bureau of Prisons policy and, more importantly, the defendant's own personal situation.

We work with defendants, their family and legal counsel to not only prepare for incarceration, but develop strategies to obtain the best outcome possible.  Our services help clients on matters concerning designation, program placement, security level assessment and medical needs.

While we can customize a program for each individual case, our primary consulting package consists of a 3-phase solution to assist clients; 1) Sentencing, 2) Preparation and Incarceration Support and 3) Re-entry.

Phase 1 - Sentencing:

  • Pre-sentence investigation Preparation
  • Review of All Relevant Documentation including:
    • Indictment
    • Plea Agreement
    • Pre-Sentence Report
    • Defense Sentencing Memorandum
    • Interview with Counsel and Client
    • Declaration by Jack Donson in Support of Sentencing
    • Mitigation Strategies
  • Report on Prisonology’s Approach
    • Security Classification and Designation
    • Narrative to assist counsel at sentencing
    • Judicial Recommendations
    • Designation Strategy
    • Program Strategy (RDAP, BRAVE, etc.)
  • Conference calls for sentencing preparation with attorney(s)
  • Non-U.S. Citizen issues
    • Treaty Transfers
    • Deportation
    • IHP (Hearings in BOP)

Phase 2 - Preparation and Incarceration:

Prisonology has worked with defendants and their families to reduce the anxiety of a term of incarceration by helping them understand the Bureau of Prisons.  We develop this understanding by answering client questions and speaking with professionals who are experts on BOP life.  We also answer questions posed by the family to create a dialogue that pragmatically addresses issues faced by the family.

During incarceration, we are a life-line to issues encountered by the inmate and the family.  We quickly react to crisis situations and represent the interest of the client to address family emergencies, institutional policies, medical emergencies and continued contact with the family in times of uncertainty.

  • Personal consultation with client and his/her family
  • Preparation plan development and checklist
  • Orientation to Bureau of Prison life
  • Contacts with Former Clients Who are Currently Incarcerated At Facilities
  • Support during incarceration
    • Email (we are on Corrlinks)
    • Phone (we take calls from prison)
    • Crisis
    • Family Concerns or Calls
    • Visitation (additional travel costs may apply)
  • Unit Team Preparation
  • Strategies To Maximize Halfway House
  • Administrative Remedies to issues in prison
  • Visitation in Prison (travel costs and some additional fee may be required)

Phase 3 - Re-entry:

There are numerous options when returning to society.  Our first priority is for our clients to rejoin their family as soon as possible.  This means maximizing halfway house.  We also provide support for:

  • U.S. Probation Preparation
  • Guidance on Collateral Consequences:
    • Restoring Voting Rights
    • Reduction of Supervised Release
    • Financial Institution Restrictions
    • Registration
  • Community Service Activities

New Clients Currently Incarcerated

We offer services to persons who are currently incarcerated to assist them in areas such as:

  • Transfers
  • Halfway House Placement
  • Program Eligibility
  • Administrative Remedy Process
  • Security Classification
  • Incident Reports
  • Re-sentencing Strategies (Johnson, Rule 35, etc.)

Media, Litigation Support and Research

We engage clients who are conducting research, need litigation support or media enquiries concerning any number of issues regarding the Bureau of Prisons.   Our network and research capabilities mean that we can be a valuable asset for your team that can save you time and money by getting you the information you need for the project.

Initial Consultation Fee - $199.00