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Our Approach

We utilize former government professionals with extensive experience in the vast array of prison issues relative to case management, correctional programs and services, complex sentence computations, reentry, and supervised release. Our experience, training, and contacts throughout the government give our clients an advantage in the courtroom.

Our Story

Prisonology was created to provide information on post-conviction through the use of experts who retired with years of practical and exceptional experience from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Our experts know the policy and more importantly, how it is implemented. Our experts provide training around the country with the goal of providing accurate information so that all of those involved in our justice system better understand the BOP.


Our Experts

We continue to build on our team of professionals who bring years of experience working in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Probation. Our experts are the leading thought leaders in criminal justice and corrections. All are sought out by Courts, law firms, academics, major media and judicial professionals for their insights. Together, we have the top network of professionals to help defendants facing federal criminal probes. The teams are lead by Walt Pavlo who has lectured at top business and law schools around the country. As a litigation support expert, Pavlo has coordinated experts to support the most complex criminal cases in the country.

Walt Pavlo

Walt Pavlo

Walt is a contributor for Forbes.com where he writes on white collar crime and criminal justice issues. He consults on complex litigation matters providing strategy and action plans on both criminal and civil matters.

Next Steps...

We pride ourselves on our honest and practical approach to the myriad of issues people face before a term of incarceration. We do not use scare tactics or take advantage of people who are unfamiliar with the justice system. We can guarantee you our case analysis, research, and strategies are proven and unique. After one call to any of our specialists will demonstrate just how different we are. We have your back!


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