Everyone deserves a better outcome. Prisonology experts provide insight and interpretation of Bureau of Prison policies. Our experts are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of BOP policies.

• Pre-sentence investigation Preparation
• Review of All Relevant Documentation including:
• Indictment
• Plea Agreement
• Pre-Sentence Report
• Defense Sentencing Memorandum
• Interview with Counsel and Client
• Affidavit in Support of Sentencing or strategy paper
• Mitigation Strategies
• Overview of CARES Act
• Overview of First Step Act
• Compassionate Release Program
• Report on Prisonology’s Approach
• Security Classification and Designation
• Narrative to assist counsel at sentencing
• Medical Classification Assessment and Medications On BOP Formulary
• Judicial Recommendations
• Designation Strategy
• Program Strategy
• Conference Calls For sentencing preparation with attorney(s)
• Non-U.S. Citizen issues
• Treaty Transfers
• Deportation
• IHP (Hearings in BOP)