Prisonology has worked with defendants and their families to reduce the anxiety of a term of incarceration by helping them understand the Bureau of Prisons. We develop this understanding by answering client questions and questions posed by a family member to create a dialogue that pragmatically addresses issues faced by the family. During incarceration, we are a life-line to issues encountered by the inmate and the family. We quickly react to crisis situations and represent the interest of the client to address family emergencies, institutional policies, medical emergencies, and continued contact with the family in times of uncertainty.


• Personal consultation with the client and his/her family
• Preparation plan development and checklist
• Orientation to Bureau of Prison life
• Contacts with Former Clients Who are Currently Incarcerated At Facilities
• Support during incarceration
• Email (we are on Corrlinks)
• Phone (we take calls from prison)
• Crisis
• Family Concerns or Calls
• Visitation (additional travel costs may apply)
• Unit Team Preparation
• Strategies To Maximize Halfway House (1st Step Act, 2nd Chance Act)
• Administrative Remedies to issues in prison
• Visitation in Prison (travel costs and some additional fee may be required)