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Whether you have been recently indicted or are currently incarcerated we can help you get prepared or help you achieve a better outcome.


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Experts in Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Probation

Prisonology is a consulting firm made up of retired professionals from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and U.S. Probation. Through our experience and network, we work with attorneys, defendants, and their families to provide solutions to help achieve better outcomes at sentencing and during incarceration. We conduct training classes around the country on various BOP issues and our presentations are a part of education programs for federal judges, probation officers, attorneys and paralegals. Our network of experts have testified and provided sworn affidavits in federal district courts across the county worked U.S extradition cases around the world. Our experts work on Federal Defender, CJA and private attorney cases.

Experts in Situations
– Interpreting BOP Internal Documents
– BOP Policy Experts
– Presentence Report Review / Security Classification
– Strategies on Sentencing Related to BOP Programs
– Re-Sentencing Strategies through BOP document analysis
– Compassionate Release
– Civil litigation related to BOP
– Incarceration Preparation and Support
– Early Termination of Supervised Release